Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Magic Treehouse, Sunset of the Sabertooth, Chapter 9

Sunset of the Sabertooth Chapter 9

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We left Jack and Annie at the bottom of the tree.  They need to get up into the Treehouse in order to go home, but there is something in the way.  Can you guess what it is? 

Who has the idea to play the flute? 
How does Jack feel about this? 
What does the Sabertooth do when he hears ? 
Would you expect that this would happen? 
What did the Mammoth do then? 
Why did they take the coats off? 
Where did they put them? 
Where did they put the flute? 
What sound did the flute make?  Listen to this bone flute. 

Homework: Write about the Sorcerer,  What type of person was he?  What were his powers, what special knowledge did he know, how did he learn it?  

Original music composed and performed by Rachael Alice Orbach 

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