Thursday, September 7, 2017

Miss Daisy is Crazy, Chapter 6, Lesson Plan

Chapter 6 is the end of the first day of school, it is hard to believe that so much could happen. When I was in school, the first day went by so fast that I never remembered what we did or said except to say our names!  Let this be a lesson to you, take notes on your first day of school so you will saver the only day of the year with no homework!!

 Miss Daisy is Crazy  by Dan Guttman  You can get this on Amazon!

veterinarian a doctor that takes care of animals
veteran - a person who has fought in a war and survived
vegetarian- a person who doesn't eat meat.

hospital  - h has a little puff of air
veterinarian ve ter na ar ri an
Lindsay lind sey 
Questions for discussion:

What does Andrea want to be when she grows up?
What is funny about how A.J. defined the word veterinarian?
Why did Emily run out of the room crying?
What advantages does being a professional football player give to A.J.?
What does Michael Robinson want to be? Why did he change his mind?
What does Ryan want to be?  Why?
Who does A.J. hate? Why?

What would you like to be when you grow up? Write about the profession and what it does, and how you would be happy doing this job.

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