Saturday, August 26, 2017

Miss Daisy is Crazy- Lesson Plan Chapter 2

Miss Daisy is a teacher who hates school!
How can that be?
Is she Crazy?
She Must BE!

Poem by Rachael Alice Orbach

Miss Daisy is Crazy  by Dan Guttman  Is a great book, on Amazon for YOU!

arithmetic -  math
dungeon - a place underground that is dark, dusty and grimy
bald - no hair
villains - bad people


arithmetic a rith me tic
Principal c is s sound 
Klutz one syllable 
multiply mu ti pli
puzzled puz zled
divide di vide 

Questions for discussion:

How does Miss Daisy start the arithmetic lesson?
What answer does A.J. give?  Why?
How does Miss Daisy get the children interested in learning arithmetic?
Do you think that she is dumb?
Who explains to Miss Daisy multiplication first? 
Who got called on first?
What does she use to explain the problem?
Who get called on second? 
What does he use to explain? 
Did Miss Daisy finally understand?
What does Principal Klutz say to the class?
What are the rumors about him?
What does A.J. pay attention to?
Where is the dungeon in the school? Do you believe Principal Klutz?

Homework: Write your own poem about your school Make it as long or short as you want!

Write about a time that you helped someone with their homework.  What was the assignment? How did you help the person? What grade did the person get?

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