Thursday, August 24, 2017

Miss Daisy is Crazy- Lesson Plan Chapter 1

This is a series of books for kids who don't like school.  Well, everyone feels that way some of the time, right?  So this book Miss Daisy is Crazy  by Dan Guttman  is just the one for you!

Miss Daisy is Crazy is on Amazon for you!

attendance  The teacher says everybody's name at the start of class, to make sure everybody is present 
bon-bons  - a candy
football player
Image result for american football pictures

Video game Image result for video games picture

stared - one syllable
Andrea - An dre a

Grammar: Hyphenated words.  Many times a word is too long to fit on one line of a text,
In that case half of the word will be on one line, and the other half will be on the next, "Any-
where" is an example

Questions for discussion:
Who are the characters in this book?
Which one do you like the most? Why?
 Which one don't you like? Why?
What does A.J. feel about school?
What would he rather be doing?
How does Miss Daisy feel about school?
What would she rather be doing?
Do you think that Miss Daisy will be a good teacher?
How will she teach?

A.J. is writing an e-mail to his cousin at another school about his first day of school.  Write the e-mail for him.  Tell: who is his teacher, What is she like?  What does the class do on the first day?

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