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The Jerusalem Magic Candy Shop Study Guide Chapter 1

The Jerusalem Magic Candy Shop Study Guide Chapter 1

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In Chapter 1 We meet Alex and Laura.  They are new Olim, that is new immigrants to Israel who live in Jerusalem. They have been in Israel for a while, but still miss the United States.  Alex is very smart, and he has really put a lot of effort to learn Hebrew.  Laura, on the other hand is more interested in having fun and looking good.  She has not truly adjusted to living in Israel and misses her friends "back home."  

This story takes place the day after Passover ends, and in Israel it is not a holiday, but according to religious Jews who live outside of Israel it is a holiday. 
The kids are happy to be out on the town, and to have an extra day of vacation from school.  

All of the Hebrew terms are defined in the Glossary at the back of the book, but I will define them here in the study guide as well. 

Key Terms
 Isru Chag – The second day of a holiday in Israel, it is a semi-holiday in Israel corresponds to the second day of a holiday outside of Israel 

Bureaka – a pastry that is made from oil, flour and usually potatoes. Not kosher for Passover. 

Chag - Holiday

kitnyot – Types of food that may be mistaken for bread or wheat products. Ashkenazi Jews don’t eat these products during Passover.

Kosher – Food that has been supervised by the Rabbinical council and has a label to show that it the Jewish dietary rules were followed during manufacture or harvest.

Matza – The special “bread” that religious Jews eat for the Passover holiday.

Hol HaMoed – Intermediate days of Passover and Succot.


How long have Alex and Laura been living in Israel?
Why do the kids stop on Jaffa street? 
What is interesting about all the candy in the shop? 
How much money did Alex get for finding the Afikomen? 
What does the Moshe Rabbainu Mocha Munchie candy taste like? 
Why does Laura grab Alex's hand? 

Write about a time in history that you would like to go back and witness?  What happened then?  Why is this time period interesting for you?  Would you try to change the event? 

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