Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Jerusalem Magic Candy Shop Study Guide Prologue

Everybody wants to know more about the The Jerusalem Magic Candy Shop!

It is located on Yaffa Street in Jerusalem.  (well not really, it is a place in my imagination)

You can go there by reading this book: The Jerusalem Magic Candy Shop #1: Moshe Rabbainu Mocha Munchie by [Orbach, Rachael Alice]
Go here to get your copy! The Jerusalem Magic Candy Shop

Key Terms:
Passover - The very important Jewish holiday that happens in the spring, Jews have a big Seder and eat Matza for 7 days.
Shurit Leumi - National Service in Israel.  High school graduates, mostly girls choose to volunteer in a school, hospital, youth village instead of serving in the Army.
wry smile - a smile that is ironic
Hulda - the name of one of the 7 Prophetesses
Badatz sign - all restaurants and outlets that sell food,  that want to cater to religious Jews need to be certified as Kosher.  In Israel the most respected organization that certifies establishments as kosher.
Yaffa Road.  The main road that is in the center of Jerusalem.
landmark - a place where most people know about and go there to see it.

Why did Dan and Hulda want to open a candy shop?
What did Hulda's great grand uncle do in Boston?
What is the difference between the candy shop in Boston and the one in Jerusalem?
Why is Hulda happy about Ayala's choice of Shurit Leumi?
Why did they wait until Passover to open the shop?
Why do you thing that Dan and Hulda don't eat in the shop?

Dan and Hulda have this dream of opening a candy shop.  What is one of your dreams, a goal that you would like to do?  What are the steps that you can do to make this dream a reality?

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