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Exotic Pets

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Considering adopting a hedgehog? Here's some tips on choosing a healthy hedgehog." There are no guarantees, of course, but avoiding hedgehogs with obvious signs of illness can save you a lot of heartache later on.

Photo © 2006 Lianne McLeod, Licensed to, Inc.
You'll also want to find one with a good temperament. Hedgehogs are a bit nervous so often roll into a ball when picked up (especially by a stranger), but an outgoing, tame hedgehog will unroll fairly quickly and lower its quills.   If you are looking for a hedgehog, do your best to find one that is young and has been handled  , as I think you will get much more enjoyment out of an easily tamed hedgehog. I had "Genie" back in the 1990s and got her from a small local breeder, and bought her young, so she was quite tame and easily handled. I still think hedgehogs are one of the cutest small animal pets, and Genie was really a wonderful pet!

How do you choose a hedgehog? ____________________________
What do hedgehogs do when they are nervous? _________________
What do hedgehogs do when they are calm? ____________________
Which is best, a young hedgehog or an old one? _________________
Where did Lianne get her hedgehog from? ______________________
What was the hedgehog's name?_________________________________
Name_______________________________   Class ________________________  

Homework  March 11, 2008

Photo © 2006 Lianne McLeod, Licensed to, Inc.
Tarantulas have been a popular pet now for several years. They are unique, quiet, and need little space, and keeping tarantulas as pets can make a fascinating hobby. Also, most species are not nearly as dangerous as most people believe. Tarantulas as Pets. However, they aren't the best choice as a pet that you will be able to handle very much, because of the stress and danger to the spider rather than danger to the handler.   Tarantula bites are unlikely to be fatal, you still want to avoid being bitten, and the best way to do this is to learn about spider behavior and treat the spider accordingly. Tarantulas are wild animals, and need to be treated with respect. As a rule, however, most spiders would rather retreat than bite.
What is a tarantula? ________________________________

Why do people keep tarantulas as pets? __________________________________________________

Why shouldn't you handle a tarantula  much?_____________________________________________

What do spiders do instead of bite?_______________________

Virtual Pets: Going High-Tech

Do you want to give your child a pet playmate but worried about potential mess in your household? Then, forget about visiting the pet store and get your kid a virtual pet instead.  
Virtual pets will teach your child lessons about responsibility while giving them sheer joy and pleasure in taking care of a pet. Every parent will also enjoy giving these pets as gifts as they do not entail much attention and care.
Also referred to as digital pets, virtual pets are artificial human companions which run on a software program. These pets have no physical forms. Instead, they can be come as either gadget-based or website-based pets.
A virtual pet gadget is a palm-size computer with a small screen which shows the image of your pet. It also has buttons that will enable you to perform a number of tasks such as feeding or playing with your pet. Among the most well known gadget-based pets include Tamagotchi and Giga Pets.
Website-based pets can be accessed by signing up in virtual pet sites. Most of these sites have chat rooms where owners can talk about their virtual pets.
Both gadget-based and website-based pets offer realistic features and effects. Virtual pets can also interact with its owners adding fun and excitement to pet care.
Much like real pets, virtual pets still also require some care such as feeding, playing and grooming. The pet often starts as an egg or as a new-born animal. You must take care of your pet by feeding it. Usually, the virtual pet gadget will beep if your pet is hungry or if it needs to be fed. Virtual pets can also get lonely so you must also play with it regularly. Typically, there is a hunger and happiness meter that will indicate how your pet is feeling. A dissatisfied pet is often sick and will eventually die.

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