Monday, May 8, 2017

Can Can't Quiz


Name___________________Date_________________Class_______ Grade_______

Can  Can't  Could  Couldn't

Part 1 5 points each

Choose the correct word:  
לבחור המילה המתאימה  

  1. When Tom was 15, he was a fast runner. He  ___________ run 200 meters in 22 seconds.

  1. I'm afraid I _____________ come to the party next Sunday night.

  1. I'm not in a hurry.  I _________________wait.

  1. I was sick home yesterday I ________________eat anything.

  1. Can you speak loudly?  I _________________ hear you very well.

  1. You look tired. "Yes, I __________________ sleep last night."

  1. Oh wow, this quiz is easy, I _________________ answer all the questions.

  1. "Mom, _____________ you please buy more milk? I just finished it."

  1. "No, I _____________.  I’m going to be busy all day. You buy it."

  1. "But Mom, when I come home tonight I ______________ go shopping, I've got basketball practice!"

Part 2 10 points each

Write your own sentences using can or can't. Don't use the sentences above!!
כתוב משפטים משלך אל תשתמש במשפטים בחלק אחד!!!





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