Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day of the Dragon King Chapter 9

Jack and Annie are still in the Terra Cotta Tomb!  The novelty has worn off and the air is starting to get thick and hard to breathe!  Read Chapter 9 to see how they get out!!

Key Terms
 took off - run after
barefoot without shoes
collapsed - fell down

scientifically si en ti fi kly
 lamp-lit - say l clearly
ached ch is k sound
dragged - one syllable
embraced - c is sound
glowing - blend g and l together

What happened to the ball of silk yarn?
What did it do that was impossible?
How does Annie explain it?
What do they decide to do?
What does Annie see before Jack?
Where are they when they come out?
Why do their shoes fall off?
What time of day is it when they come out?
Who do they see from the Tree House window?

  How do Jack and Annie get out of the Tomb?  What is impossible about the ball of thread?
Where does it lead them?  

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