Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon Chapter 9 Student Assignment Sheet

Magic Tree House

Afternoon on the Amazon

Chapter 9

Student Assignment Sheet

While Reading Make a chart of the events that happen in this chapter

Background Reading

Pennsylvania Facts
Interesting facts and pictures about Pennsylvania

grinning verb – to smile without showing the teeth
The small baby finally learned how to grin.
amazing adjective causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing.
Example: I went to an amazing exhibit at the science museum last weekend.

grinning grin ing

clapping blend the cl
What notes did Jack write in his notebook so far?
What would you write?
Why can’t they find the Pennsylvania book?
What time of day was it?
Why did the monkey keep throwing the fruit?
How does Annie understand what the monkey wants?
Homework:Have you ever lost something that was important to you? How do you go about trying to find it? Write about a lost object, tell what it was, when was the last time you saw it, and how you found it.

Example:I bought a watch for my birthday. I needed a watch because it is not polite to keep having to pull out my phone to see the time when I am talking to friends, or if I am teaching in a class.So I bought a watch. The only problem is that I am not sure if the watch is waterproof or not. So, when I needed to do the dishes, I took the watch off. This was a couple of days ago. I was looking all around for the watch, and the way I look for things is to clean up. So, I cleaned up my desk, I cleaned up the kitchen, I cleaned up my room. No watch. So finally I started to look for my brush, and I found the watch in the bathroom!

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