Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day of the Dragon King, Chapter 5

The Day of the Dragon King brings Jack and Annie to Ancient China.  The have to save a bamboo book from getting burnt.

For more history about books in Ancient China go to this link:

It is written at a very high level, but it is the only link that I can find that talks about how ancient Chinese books were made.

Key Terms
 shimmered  - the sunlight shows brightly from the object i
honor  - h is almost silent
scholar - someone who studies books, and writes about them

 citizens  si ti zens

Why is the Dragon King afraid of the scholars?
What is the Dragon King going to do?
Do you think that this will help the Dragon King?
How will it help the Dragon King to burn the books?
Why do Jack and Annie show their library cards?
How does the scholar reacts to them now?
How will the scholar help Annie and Jack?
How does he feel about Frog Creek?

Homework: How did the Chinese book develop from tortoise shells to bamboo strips?

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