Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Freewriting - English writing class

Freewriting is a useful tool in the English writing classroom. Set a topic that you want to write about and set your timer on the phone and type away until it dings. Try to choose a topic that you are passionate about so that you can generate a lot of ideas.  Don't pay attention to spelling and grammar or even organization. Just get as many ideas as you can.

Get ready
Get set

3 minute Freewrite:

I am sooooo angry at Google! yes Google.  They have this nifty program called Google docs.  And if you create your own documents in their system you can have as much storage as you want!!  So I created a lot of files that I use everyday.  Word documents and spreadsheets.  I use these a lot and I am constantly doing updates and changing them to get the most up to date infomattion on them.

Well, let me tell you.  DON"T!  this program has wasted untold amounts of time.  All the word documents that I create and use, well they get corrupted.  The changes are not there. Parts are missing.
There is the same problme with the spreadsheets.  I make changes, I make up a special calendar for myself, and it is messed up.

Next blog post we will go through how to refine this essay and make it better!
Do your own 3 minute Freewrite in the comments section!

Good luck,
Rachael Alice

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