Thursday, March 3, 2016

Because of Winn Dixie, Chapter 4, English Conversation Lesson

Winn-Dixie always finds a way to make people talk.

Where does Winn-Dixie sit on the couch?
Does Opal like it?
Why does she finally ask about her mother?
What is the most surprising thing that the Preacher tells his daughter?
Do you think that he tries to skip the number nine?
What type of person is Opal's mother?
What does Opal do after he tells her the list?

Write a list of 5 things that you like about your family

A list of 10 things that I like being an on-line English teacher
1. I get to meet students from all over the world
2. I don't have to drive to work, because I work at home.
3. I can use the webcam on the computer to see my students.
4. I can set up and change my work hours relatively easily
5. Each student is completely different, even if we are using the same book.

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach
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