Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Essential Links Lesson Unit 2 page 47

This is a book for people who like real life adventures and disasters,  Today we are going to study page 47

Guest house 
tsunami - tidal wave 

Where did this story take place? 
Where is Talia from? 
What happened when the tidal wave hit the village?
 What is Talia doing now? 
Where did she go to raise money? 
What are the similarities and difference between the incident with the tidal wave and with the volcano? 
What happens when a volcano explodes? 
What happens when a tsunami hits the beach? 
Which one causes more damage?
Do natural disasters like this happen in your country? 

Homework Write a news report of natural disaster: earthquake, tsunami, volcano that hit a neighboring town. What happened, how long did it take, how much damage. 
Write as if you are a reporter.  Write 50 words 

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