Thursday, October 15, 2015

Treasures Grade 4 Wildlife Watchers

Treasures Grade 4  
Treasures is a Reading and Writing textbook geared for students who already know English, but need enrichment in vocabulary, grammar and writing.  It features non-fiction subjects, such as national parks, pre-history, space and geography so that students get a background in the natural sciences as well as working on their English.

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We started reading on page 108 to page 111
cluttered - too many of a thing
scattered - 
nuzzle  - an animal wants to get pet and puts its face near your hand
realized- I know, I think 
snout the nose and mouth of an animal 

Colorado col or ra do 
join in - say the word in clearly 
widened- wide the first e is a magic e it makes the i long.  The second e is the past tense ending ed
realized real i lized 
paddling pad dil ling
heron - hear the n at the end 

What does the girl feel in the picture on page 108?
What does the frog feel? 
What is going to happen next on page 108?
What are the people doing in the picture on page 110?
Have you ever done that? 
Would you want to do that?
If we look at the first two words in the story , what type of story is this? 
What is the function of a diary? 
Have you ever kept a diary?  
Who is Lisa and what does she do? 
What does the word cluttered mean in this context? 
What did the author do when he/she realized that everyone needed help? 
Now that we have read up to page 111, where did the story take place? 
Why is it more interesting to give the setting now, rather than at the beginning of the story? 
How did the author feel at the beginning about rafting? 
How did this attitude change? 
Which event made him change his mind?
What did the author enjoy most? 
What type of story is this? Real life or Fiction? 
Did this story really happened?

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