Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Treasures Grade 4 The Raft.

Another story from the Treasures Anthology lesson plan page 113 - 136

syrup- like a sauce 
aside- to pull to one side 
beneath - underneath 
spark plugs - part of a car
  pole  a pole is a big stick
disgusted- something that you don't like
 hitchhikers - take an extra person in the car, they don't pay you.
preened its feathers
snorkel and mask  
doe - a female dear
wildness - not tame

syrup sur up 
aside a side 
beneath bee neth 
carving car ving
cane - magic e word
awakened a wa  kened
rope - magic e word
tossing toss ing
down - hear the w
landed - hear the ed 
dock  dawk
read - past tense  say it red
pouch hard ch
tacked magie e word
been bin
otter o ter
chasing chas ing
lawn - hear the n at the end of the word
pearl - perl
kept ;hear the t
tubes - magic e word

Where is Nicky going and how does he feel?
What doesn't Nicky like about his grandmother?
Why can't he go with his father to the plant?
What did Nicky feel about the food?
What does he do?
Is he surprised that his grandmother knows what he did?
After reading page 116, what do you feel about the grandmother now?
How will Nicky feel about spending the summer with her now?
How do the pictures help the story?
What happens on page 115?  page 117?
On page 118, why is the boy disgusted?
What is the boy feeling on page 118?
How has the boy's feelings changed by the time we get to page 123?
What type of animal is a huge buck?
Where do you use a snorkel and a mask?
Read up to page 126, how does Nickey spend his time?
What is the boy doing on page 127?
How does this show a change his feeling about how he is spending his summer?
What type of animal do we see on page 128?
Where does it live? What does it eat?
What other animals do otters remind you of?
What would you do if you were living with Nicky's Grandmother?
What happened to the fawn?
How did Nickey save the fawn?
What will happen after the story now?

Read about the author: What insights do you understand about the story?

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