Monday, October 12, 2015

The Sun and the Stars - Science lesson for the 3rd Grade

I remember being interested in Space when I was in third grade, But at that time there wasn't really much written at a third grade level. Now, we have lots of material. Here is one about the sun and the stars.

330,000 - three hundred and thirty thousand
 dangerous hurtful to people
 clusters  - groups

  miles  - milez
  hydrogen hi dro gen:
mile - magic e word,  The e at the end makes the I long
ultraviolet ul tra vio let
 clusters  clus ters

How old is the Sun?
Why are there sunspots?
How hot is it in the sun's core?
What rays are dangerous that the sun gives out?
What would happen if there was no Sun?
How big is the Sun?
Why does the Sun look small during the day?
How far away is the Sun from the Earth?
Which elements is the Sun made up of?  Which gases make up the sun?
Which gas is more plentiful?
How do scientists study the sun?
Is it safe to look at the Sun?
Why do stars look small when we look at them at night?
Why do stars twinkle?
Do you see a lot of stars in your city at night?
How long do stars live?
What is a galaxy?
What is the name of our galaxy?
After reading this article, which facts didn't you know before?

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