Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dear Juno Part 1 from the book :Treasures Grade 3 Unit 1

Dear Juno  by  Soyung Pak is a longer story.  It is very heartwarming and cute!

Part 1 from page 43-52

http://fms01.sd54.k12.il.us/ treasures/default.htm
Go to Grade 3 Anthology Unit 1.  We are starting on page 47.

persimmons- an orange fruit
smudged - a bit of dirt on it
wagged - a dog or a cat moves the tail

persimmons per sim mons
smudged smug ed

What time of day does this story take place?
Where does this story take place?
What is Juno feeling?
What does the word wondered signify?
Where is the city Seoul located?
What is special about the stamp?
According to the picture, where is Juno standing?
How old do you think Juno is?
What clues do we have to tell us how old Juno is?
What is in the envelope and why is it important?
What does the picture mean to Juno?
What does the flower mean? Where is the flower from?
What language is the letter written in?
Does the grandmother expect Juno to read the letter?
From the picture, where is the grandmother writing the letter?
Where does the grandmother live?  in a city? in the country?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - English teacher

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