Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Will/Won't Future tense English Grammar

Will and won't are one way that is used to signify the future tense in English

Example: Will is for positive events about the future

I will go to Paris next month.

Won't is used to negate an event in the future.

I won't eat meat, I'm a vegetarian!

Will/won’t  fill in with the correct word

  1. My friend ________________________ send me an e-mail, he doesn’t have a computer!

  1. They _____________________ ride bicycles tomorrow, it’s going to rain!

  1. I love to play tennis, tomorrow I ___________________ play with Tom.

  1. Dan and David are going to play soccer, but I broke my arm so I ____________________ play.

  1. I ________________________ kick the ball to win the game!

  1. Yossi is sick, he _____________________ go skiing tomorrow.

  1. How can you ride a bike with a broken arm? Don’t worry I ___________________.

  1. They _____________________ go to the movies today, there is too much homework!

  1. She ______________________________ go to the doctor because she is sick!

  1. He ___________________play computer games tonight, he has to study!

11. Marcie __________________ study at the library tomorrow.

12. Jan __________________ get a new phone, his just fell into the sink.

  13. I ________________ write a new blog post next week.

14. _______________ you come with me to the party?

15. Clean up your mess! Ok, I _________________!

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