Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vocabulary Review of things you can do in your spare time!

Review of Vocabulary words having to do with what you do in your free time.

Name__________________________ Date______________________
Part 1: Translate from English to Hebrew.  
Board games_________________         Riding a bicycle_________________

Chess club__________________           For sale____________________

Free time__________________             Fantastic game_______________

Reading a book_______________          Indoors __________________

Outdoors ______________      Gym_________________

Playing soccer________________           Listening to music________________

Join the club_________________      White snow________________

Great music_______________

Part 2: Fill in the missing words from part 1.   
1. Let's listen to Israeli _____________

2. __________ the chess club. It will be fun!!

3. Because it rains outside we'll play _______________

4. Chess is a fantastic ______________ game.

5. ____________ a bicycle can be a bit dangerous.

6. I listen to music in my ____________   _______________

7. What _____________ games do you know? Can you play Shesh Besh?
8. I am very busy. I don't have ______________  ____________

9. A _____________ game usually takes 90 minutes.

10. There are many things __________    __________ at the mall.

Write your own sentences using theses words 


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