Sunday, March 15, 2015

How much do vaccines really cost? English Conversation lesson

English Conversation lesson about Vaccines and how they affect people.  Vaccines are a way of protecting people from childhood diseases that used to kill or severely affect children. I used to know a man who had polio in the 40's when he was growing up before the Polio vaccine was developed. He had to wear a brace on his leg and it was very difficult for him to walk.  Other people who contracted polio died or had to be in wheelchairs. Now, our children recieve the oral polio vaccine and no one get the actual disease.  This is a miracle and polio is going the way of small pox!  In this lesson you will read and listen to a short 6 minute dialog about vaccines. 

Key Terms 
programme  UK spelling
program       US spelling
to immunise
a black box
pneumococcal vaccine

What was the first vaccine developed and by whom? 
What do vaccines really do?
How much did the cost of vaccines rise since 2001?
Do you think that the cost of vaccine production actually rose by that amount?
Why do vaccines cost more in poor countries than in rich countries?
What does the charity Medecins Sans Frontieres want the drug companies to do? 
Is it realistice? 
Where are vaccines most needed?
Did you have vaccines during your childhood?
If you have children did you have your children vaccinated?
Are there vaccines that you don't want to have? 
Are there diseases that should have a vaccine?
Do  you think that animals should be used in vaccine research?
What about chimpanzes? Should they be used in reseach?
Would you want to be part of an experiment and take a experimental vaccine?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher 

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