Sunday, September 7, 2014

Now that school has started again, how do you prepare for an All Nighter? English lesson

Have you ever had to stay up all night in order to study for an exam?  Are you a teacher and had to prepare for lessons the next day and ended up staying up all night?  Well, I have.  I really don't like staying up all night.  If I do, then the next day is a total wash out. But if you read this article, you could make the best of it. 

Read this webpage and discuss it with your English teacher

Key Terms
sleep deprived,
play havoc
left in disgust 
poor sleeping habits
the marks
short-term euphoria
 impaired decision making ability
Pulling an all-nighter
the small hours
having a snooze
sleep banking
sleep debts
biological clock
cognitive ability
pedestrian tasks
strategically a fleece handy

According to the article, is it healthy to pull an all-nighter? 
What are the bad effects of staying up all night? 
What are the benefits of working at night? 
What are the marks of students who slept every night as compared to those who did all nighters?
What percentage of elementary teachers who stayed up all night? 
How do you "bank sleep?"
Would that work for you?
What is the best color of light to work in at night? 
What tasks should you do in the beginning of the night, and what is best left for the end?
What should you do if you get cold? 
What should you do the morning after? 
Should you do another all-nighter the next day? 
Have you ever had to stay up all night?  For what purpose? 
Did you do a good job at the work that you had to do? 
How did you function the next day? 
Would you do it again?  
Did you enjoy being awake all night? 

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