Sunday, September 7, 2014

German Bakers threaten to go on strike -Business English lesson

German bakers are threatening to go on strike, just in time for Oktoberfest.  The world's largest beer festival. What do you do at this festival? Drink Beer and eat pretzels.  What will the Germans do without the pretzels?  They are an integral part of the festival 

Listen to this audio, and then only after listening twice read the text and discuss it with your teacher

Key Terms
 place a bet 
 a shortage
wage increase
a brat
 backup plan

have now stalled.  - This is the Present Perfect tense, which talks about an action that is in the past, with no specific time, that has an influence on what is going on now. 

What do the bakers want?
Why are they choosing exactly this time to go on strike?
Where are the workers going to strike?
What is the backup plan?
What do you think about this strike?
Do the workers deserve more money?
How can they justify the increase in proposed wages?
Have you or anyone in your family ever been on strike?
If so, what did the strike accomplish?
What happens during a strike? 
What do the workers do?  
Do workers on strike get compensation?
Do strikes in your country ever turn dangerous? 
Do you belong to a union?
Are unions powerful in your country?
Do workers pay dues to the union? 
In your experience, are strikes necessary?

Lesson plan by Rachael Alice Orbach Professional English teacher

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