Tuesday, September 30, 2014

English Grammar, Say and Tell

Say and Tell are two words that are very similar.

 Say, - "said" is the past tense.  This is used in writing.
He said," Please tell me how to use Facebook!"
She said," How much time do you have?"
He said, "As long as it takes for me to learn."

Tell - "told" is the past tense  This is used to give information to others.
Please tell me the answer now!
He told me the answer, but I don't like it!

Read this webpage and then do the exercises.

Write the correct word in the blank:  You might need to change the tense of the word.  Sometimes either word will work in the sentence!
Word bank: say    tell
1. What do you want to ______________ me now?
2. David ______________," Please change the 20 Euro bill for me."
3. You ____________me yesterday how much the new lazer printed will cost.
4. I forgot to ____________________ you that the Jones' are coming for dinner tonight.
5. What? Please ______________ me!
6. She ______________ to me why I had to go to the school for a meeting.
7. "Please wake me up at 6:00am." I __________ __.
8. ________________ Tom to go quietly.
9.  "I cannot ______________ a lie. ___________ George Washington.
10. James ___________ me that he was hungry.

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher 

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