Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Supermarkets could show you where to walk in the store - English lesson

When I go to the store, I always have my list: milk, bread, apples, eggs you know, the basics.  But supermarkets are always hoping that the customer will spend more and more every time they go to the store.  In the United States supermarkets are using more personalized tools, like sending coupons to smartphones and Rfid tags, to tap into the consumer mindset. 

Read this article  and be ready to discuss it with your teacher: http://www.forb

Key terms: 
what the heck
host of other items
the ultimate impulse buy
like rats through a maze
the basic staples
pays heed
RFID tags
nitty-gritty details
off the beaten path
differentiating from
Increase that basket size

What is the problem that supermarkets want to solve?
What is the customers' usual behavior when they go to a supermarket? 
Where are the basic staples located in the local supermarket?
Where are the promotional items?
What do shoppers do when they have a coupon? 
According to the article, how much more money did shoppers spend if they got a coupon on their phone that was near to the path they usually walked?  
How much money did they spend if they walked further? 
How do you shop? 
Do you shop using coupons? 
Does your store send coupons to your cellphone? 
Do you look more for bargains, or quality? 
When you go shopping how do you choose between different brands of the same product?

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