Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Napping is not only for Children and the Elderly English Lesson

I remember when Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.  He was famous for falling asleep during important meetings.  John F. Kennedy was another Presidential napper.  Other famous people also nap.  Up to now napping during the day has been looked now upon. 

This article may change your attitude toward napping!

Key Terms

nodded off - to doze
adolescent - children ages 13-19
randomly - not in any order
factual statements- statements of the truth
slow-wave sleep - a type of brainwave
enhances - helps
slope off - go off 
postprandial nap- occurring after a meal
circadian - daily
 restorative powers - give back energy
external stimuli - outside influences
stigma - negative connotations


What is the traditional view of people who nap during the day? 
Who are famous people who have been known to  take naps? 
How does napping help people? 
According to the article, when is the best time for most people to nap? 
Is this practical for most people? 
What is Google's policy toward napping? 
On average, what percent of people nap at least once a week? 

What is the attitude in your country about adults taking naps?
Do you like to nap? When is the best time for you to nap? 
Does your company let people take a long break in the afternoon? 
How do you manage if you get tired during the day at work? 
What other things can you do to take the place of napping?
What is your attitude now, after reading this article about napping, do you think that you will change your habits? 

By Rachael Orbach
One of the teachers at:

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