Monday, July 21, 2014

Staying at the same company longer than 2 years get paid 50% less lifetime total

The common knowledge in resume management is that you need to stay at a company for a long time to show that you have "staying power."  This is to show that you know how to deal with people and to grow a company.  In the Internet age, however even this rule of thumb is being questioned.  Read this article from Forbes and find out the newest research about staying in one company.

Key Terms:

conservative number 
under-performing employee
inflation rate 
individual circumstances
 jump ship
loyal employees 
market trends
tout technology replacing labor
higher title
changing jobs too often
rapid development
exceptions to the rule


How often have you changed job?
Why would you think about changing to another job?
Have you ever been fired?
How do you discuss the salary during the job interview? 
How do you define your job success?
How do you define  your job satisfaction? 
Does the amount of salary contribute to your job satisfaction. 
What would you do if the salary was not high enough ,but you liked the job?


You are in a job interview, and the recruiter points out that you have changed jobs on average about every two years.  How do you explain this to the recruiter?  What other qualities do you emphasize?  How do you get the salary that you want in the new job? 

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