Monday, July 28, 2014

On-line Privacy and Law Enforcement- Business English

On-line Privacy and Law Enforcement- Business English Lesson

What you do on-line can often be seen by many people, even those who you would rather not see your posts. They can comment, and twist your words. This article deals with Microsoft's case , about e-mails, that have been stored in   data centers in Ireland.|bus

Key Terms

due to face each other in a court 
a warrant 
 seize evidence
beyond the long arm of the law
 a subpoena
drew up the law
 supporting briefs 
spooks’ activities
the Stored Communications Act (SCA)
 the internet’s borderless realm


What is Microsoft's position in this case?
What is the Government's position? Why does the USA want the data?
Why doesn't Microsoft want to give the data?
What are the long term effects of this case?
How do you store your data?
Do you think that your data is safe? 
Who has access to your data? 

Case Study
You are in charge of the data security in your company.  What safeguards do you do to keep the data safe? The government has  asked you to turn over certain data, how would your company handle that?  Would you go to court?  Play the scene with your colleague or English teacher. 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach, Professional English Teacher 

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