Thursday, April 3, 2014

How to talk about clothes in English!

How to talk about clothes in English

le chapeauthe hatהכובע
la chemisethe shirtהחולצה
le mouchoirthe hankerchiefהממחטה
le vestonthe coatהמעיל
le pantalonthe pantsמכנסיים
la robethe dressהשמלה
le sacthe purseהתיק
le manteauthe overcoatהמעיל
le soulierthe shoeהנעל
la montrethe watchהשעון
le gantthe gloveהכפפה
la cravatethe necktieהעניב

Exercise:  Put the correct word in the sentence: There might be more than one correct answer. 

1. I put the left ____________________ first. 

2.  I wipe my nose with _______________________________

3. It is cold outside take _______________________________

4. Take off ________________from the baby's head,  it is too hot now. 

5. My mother just bought ________________ to wear at the wedding. 

6. Don't forget to take ______________________ so you can be on time. 

7. I bought Father ______________________ for Father's Day. 

8. Put your wallet in ______________________.

9. I took _______________ because it was snowing. 

10. Who wears ________________ in the family?

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Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach, Professional English Teacher 

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