Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There is / There are - Englis grammar

Review exerise using    There is / There are

Name__________________  Date_____________________

Fill in the correct form: There is / There are
There is : used for singular subjects  There are is used for plural subjects 

Example:  There is a woman hanging out her laundry.

1.  _______________________ a man reading a newspaper on the roof.

2. _______________________ two people leaving the hospital

3. _______________________ a workman on the roof.

4. _______________________ five people eating in the restaurant.

5. _______________________ an ambulance next to the clinic.

6. _______________________ Nan!

7. _______________________ the twins crossing the street!

8. _______________________ the bleach, under the sink.

Write your own sentences using There is or There are.
 Use correct punctuation!

1. ___________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________

Questions using There is or There are. 

Move the Is /are to the beginning of  the sentence

Example:  Is there an apple on the table?
                Are there any forks in the dishwasher?

Write in the correct form of is/are in the following questions.

1._______________________there enough room in the class for me?

2. ______________________ there any pencils in the drawer?

3. ______________________ there a jacket in the closet?

4. ______________________ there any tickets available for the concert tonight?

5. ______________________ there an extra battery for my phone? 

6. ______________________ there some people at the party already?

7. ______________________ there any dishsoap left in the bottle?

8. ______________________ there any space left on the bookshelf? 

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