Thursday, March 6, 2014

English Grammar: Prepositions of Time

English Grammar Prepositions of Time are also different in almost every language.

In - Inside a time period, a month, a year, a century
On- on a particular date, I was born on February 4th.
At- a particular time, at 3 o'clock


School is on vacation in July and August every year.
The test will be on Friday, next week
The meeting will be begin at 9:30 am, sharp.

Exercises:  Use the words in, on, at, during. Each word will be used many times.

The mall closes ______________ 10:00 pm.

We go skiing every year ________________________ the winter.

Can you hurry up? We will not be ______________time!

Meet me _____________________ 12:00 pm for lunch

When do you go ________________________ vacation this year?

The party started ____________________ 8:00 pm, where were you?

She will get a part-time job ___________________the summer.

____________ the moment, I'm reading a wonderful book.

The class begins ____________________ 11 o'clock

I went to the meeting _________________ 9:45, but I was 15 minutes late.


Unknown said...

Great useful stuff. Happy Passover :)

Animorahlanglit said...

I suggest you convert your worksheets into a downloadable format otherwise you're not offering anything more than all the other worksheets out there on the web. Teachers cannot use this unless it is in an format they can use.

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