Wednesday, March 5, 2014

English Grammar - Prepositions of Location

Prepositions of Location

At  - a particular place    
On –on top of an object or a place
In – enclosed inside the place


Meet me at the corner.
The post office is on Main Street
We met in Paris last year.

Exercise – write the correct preposition in the blank. At, On, In, each  word will be used many times.

Where did you say we would meet? __________________ the movie theater

I read _________ the encyclopedia many interesting facts about turtles.

I have lived ______________ this city for many years.

You live _______________________ 123 5th Avenue?

There are roses growing ___________________ the garden.

The book is __________________ the table.

Where did you find that information ________________ the Internet?

The pen is ____________________ the blue box.

The lamp is standing _________________ the floor.

The party is ___________________ 10551 Holman Ave.

Put your flute away _______________ the case.

There is someone _______________ the door.

You will find the link _______________ the top of the webpage.

The painting is hanging _________________ the wall.

We put a new light fixture ________________the ceiling.


Kerri's Blog said...

Thanks Rachel - I was just looking for a suitable preposition exercise after grading my 10th grade students essays noticing their many mistakes with prepositions.
Have a nice week :-)

Amy said...

I teach native speakers and they make these mistakes. Going to use this with my 8th graders.

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