Tuesday, March 11, 2014

English Grammar - Prepositions of Position in space - on, off, in

Prepositions are different in every language.  So this is a subject that students have to really practice over and over again.

On -  an object to lie on top of  or over another 
Off - an object to get away from another. 
In - one object is inside another. 


Put the book on the table. 
Get off the table!
Put the dishes in the dishwasher. 

Exercises:  Use the prepositions  in, out, and on, each word is used many times. 

The tablecloth is ________________________ the table. 

I have to take __________________ my coat, it is too hot now. 

Get _______________ of the street! A big truck is coming!

The pencil is _____________ the drawer. 

Come ______________ the door is open. 

Go _______________ the sun is shining! 

He likes to sit ______________ the couch to read a book. 

Oh, what a cute baby, put __________________ his hat! 

I have to look up a word ________________ the dictionary. 

Clear ______________ the table, I want to set it for dinner. 

One note about the Internet. 

For the Internet, we use the preposition "on".  This is because we don't think of ourselves as inside the Internet, with all the wires and the infrastructure, but we interface with it through the computer and through a a smart phone.  

Yesterday I was surfing on the Internet. 

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