Saturday, March 8, 2014

English Grammar - Prepositions of Direction

Prepositions of Direction

To - going in a direction
In - being inside a city, swimming pool, a country 
Out - leaving an enclosed space 


I am going to Paris next month. 
He slipped in the puddle.
She is coming out of the store. 

Exercises:  Use the prepositions to, in, out in these sentences.  You will use them many times. 

Where are you going?  I'm going ____________________ the mall. 

I love swimming ____________ the ocean. 

Come ______________ of the rain! 

The plane is traveling from Washington DC _______________ London. 

Get _______________ of the street, there's a truck coming. 

Mary went ______________ the elevator as I was coming out. 

 Where is the Grande Place _______________ Brussels?  

Come ____________ the door is open. 

Can you come _____________the kitchen and help with the dishes? 

We are traveling _________________ the Alps next winter. 

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