Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting ready for next year; Useful forms

I'm busy getting ready for next year and this is a useful form that you can use in the classroom. I use this for lower level grades, 3-5 to send home to parents when the kids don't bring to class their English book.

Good luck!

Dear  Parent,____________________     לכבוד הורי


Your child has forgotten to bring          ילדך שכח לביא


to class.  In order to                                לכיתה. כדאי

insure a successful learning           לבטח אוירה לימודית

environment please make sure                     נא לדאוג

that your child comes prepared        שילדך בא לשיעור

for English class.                 אנגלית עם כל הציוד הנדרש

Parent’s Signature _________________חתימת הורים

 Rachael Alice Rachael Alice English Teacher  052-7500608

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