Monday, August 19, 2013

Class Rules for the New Year

Here is a draft of my class rules for higher level classes.

Welcome to ________________ !

Class rules

Everyone  must attend class according to the general school rules.  If you miss classes, you will be warned, then your homeroom teacher informed and then your parents will be called in for a meeting.

2. Grades include quizzes, tests, book reports, projects, classwork and homework,

3. You may not come late to class. I come: on time, and you
should, too- Students who are late: will not be allowed to enter the classroom.

4. Books: Each student must have his own books- A student without a book will
be asked to do an assignment in the library. Sharing a. book with a friend is
NOT an option.

5. You are allowed to use the Oxford English Hebrew Dictionary  on all
work and tests so GET ONE!

6, English: l am grading you on all aspects of your work: vocabulary, spelling,
grammar and content  Everyone will be graded on his or her level and the goal
is to improve your knowledge of English. In addition to the
technical aspects of learning English, you will hopefully gain some knowledge
in the area of literature and culture. Part of your studies will include exposure
to some important works of literature.

7. Always do your homework. I do cheek it, and I do expect it to serve as a
review of the material we go over in class. Therefore, you are responsible for
reviewing the material you study in class, as I am not allowed to notify you in
advance of a quiz.

8, A11 work (tests included) may be corrected to improve your grades. You will
probably learn a lot from correcting your mistakes

Rachael Orbach

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