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The Five Uses of the Past Tense חמש סיבות להשמש את העבר פשות

We form the Past Tense in English by taking the Present Simple and adding "ed" or use the Irregular Form.

See my blog post about V1 V2 V3 teaching chart to figure out what the irregular from is.

   או להשתמש היוצאי דופן    ed הזמן עבר באנגלית נעשתה להוסיף


Examples:  דוגמות

Regular Past Tense Forms
Present    Past
walk     walked
jump     jumped
call        called
wait       waited

Irregular Past Tense Forms  יוצאי דופן
Present     Past
run           ran
eat           ate
write        wrote
speak       spoke
take          took

There are 4 uses for the Past Tense in English יש ארבע מקרהים שמשתשים את העבר באנגלית

 1.  A completed action in the Past that happened in the past and finished at a particular time in the Past.
  פעולה שקרה בעבר וסיים בעבר בזמן מסוים

At 5:00pm last night I finished my work and went home.
She woke up at 7:00am yesterday morning.
He ran the Jerusalem Marathon last spring.

2.  A series of completed actions.  כמה פעולות שסיים בעבר

We shopped for food, then we came home and cooked, then we washed the dishes.

3.  Actions in the Past that took a period of time.  פעולות בעבר שלקח זמן רב

It took him 10 years to complete his doctorate in Education.
They lived in Brazil for 10 years.
I worked for that company for 5 years.
She spoke on Skype for an hour!

4. Habits in the Past.   הרגלים בעבר

He spoke Spanish when he was a child.
Mrs. Jones studied yoga when she was young.
We went every day to the mall last summer.

5. Past Facts or Generalizations  עובדות בעבר

He was shy as a child, but now he is outgoing.
We didn't like that hotel.
They hated the long bus ride.
The weather was hotter ten years ago.

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