Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Homophones, or Homonyms

This is one of my favorite lesson plans, I use it as a time filler for the last 5 minutes of class.  You can use it for 4 points, 5 points or English speakers!
Rachael Alice Orbach

Homophones, or Homonyms

Read each sentence  circle the homophone and write the translation of the two homophones.

1. I have a red shirt            _________________________

2. When is the last time you read a good book?                      _________________________

3.  Last night I ate eight pieces of chocolate cake for dessert. _________________________

4.  She blew a big soap bubble               _________________________

5.  Is blue your favorite color?                _________________________

6.  When are you going to buy a new backpack?                       _________________________

7.  Please come by my house for tea this afternoon.                   _________________________

8.  I wanted to buy that apartment, but the seller went to New York.  _________________________

9.  Does this house have a cellar?   .                    _________________________

10. I love the scent of roses!                                              _________________________

11. When was the package sent?                                             _________________________

12. In the fall, the dew falls every morning                                    _________________________

13. Do you know the answer to this question?                                _________________________

14. Do we need to learn for the test?                                               _________________________

15. I have four children.                                                          _________________________

16. We like to invite a guest or two for Friday night dinner.           _________________________

17. You guessed the right answer!                                                _________________________

18  Did you hear the news today?                                                      _________________________

19  I am standing here, in the shade.                                                  _________________________

20  I am not going to the concert!                                                       _________________________

21. Sally has a knot in her shoelace.                                                   _________________________

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