Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Business English lesson you can use

Here is a Business English Lesson that I wrote that you can use!  

The Business Meeting  by Rachael Orbach 

Now that we are all seated, I'd like to start. 

Manager 1. Can the secretary please read the minutes from last week's meeting? 

Secretary:  Yes, we located the lost shipment, it went to Topeka, Kansas instead of Kansas City.  There was a strike of the cleaning workers, but now they are back to work.  The factory in China has shipped the last of this year's Winter Fashion Line. 

Manager 2. I have a comment about that lost shipment:  Topeka opened the packages and half were sold! 

Manager 1.  I sent an e-mail to Topeka not to open the packages! 

Secretary:  I have a memo about that, they are ordering another shipment that will arrive next week to Topeka.  

Manager 1. But what about Kansas City?  They don't have enough on hand for the sale that starts on Friday?    

Manager 2. Jane, can you please write an mass e-mail for any stores that have extra inventory to send to Kansas City?  We need at least 120 units there for Friday's ad

Manager 1. Now on to today's business.  We need to send a rep to China to inspect the new factory standards, We have to settle the details for next year's fall fashion line now.  Do you have someone in mind? 

Manager 2,  Well Richard would be the best for the job, but he doesn't like to travel. 

Manager 1.  Ok, so who is the next on the list? 

Manager 2.  Kim Chu.  His parents are from China and he speaks Chinese.  

Manager 1.  Great! We'll send him,  Jane please book a plane ticket and a hotel near the  Shanghai  factory, for next week.   Anything else we need to talk about today? 

Secretary: One small item, the Chairman wants to visit next week, shall I book him a hotel and a rental car? 

Manager 2, What?  That's not a small item!  We need to get this place cleaned up quick!  Order the cleaning staff to work overtime! 

Manager 1.  Yes, I agree, book him a 5 star hotel, and have the cleaning staff clean the corporate offices, I don't care about overtime!  Let's get to work, meeting adjourned! 



1. What is the purpose of the meeting? 

2. State the problems that the managers face during the meeting. 

3. Who ran the meeting? 

4. What is the most urgent item that they had to deal with? 

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