Sunday, February 24, 2013

Virtual Shalch Manot for you!

In the spirit of Purim, I am offering my newest book: How to Touch Type in English free for two days.  This book will take you through the complete process of learning how to Touch Type even if you all you have been doing is hunting and pecking for the past 50 years.  I have taught this method and it works.  You have to put in the sweat, tears and frustration if your fingers won't go to the right key but in the end you will build up a "mental map" of the keyboard and feel confident in your typing  ability.

The book is free on Feb 25-26 only.  Once you have downloaded it, you can share it with your friends for free too!

Don't miss out on my gift to you!

Happy Purim!

Rachael Alice
If you want private typing lessons, if you sign up for a package of 8 lessons, you can get a 10% discount.  Instead of 800NIS you pay only 720NIS. Private students get a hard copy of the book free!

Call now to set up your lesson time! 

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