Monday, January 21, 2019

Walk and Talk English now 2019!

Start now to improve your conversational English! 

We can go together to a mall or a museum and speak English! 
You can give  English Day as a gift!  


If you want on-line lessons, then go to this link: 

Rachael Alice.

P.S.  I'm  teaching privately here in Jerusalem as well! In Person lessons for Bagrut Moed Bet or help with homework, as well as for kids who need help with reading.  I use the Hickey Method with fun cartoons and games.  

e-mail at E-Mail Rachael Alice


Jenny Wilson said...

Informative post.
Being enrolled in I was looking for such articles online to assist me learning English through various other means.

cursosenvalladolid said...

This one is wonderful course for all people who wants to improve their English in the summer.

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Manoj Srinivasan said...

Thank you ...

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