Friday, January 21, 2011

How to read the vowels A, E, and O

How to READ!!      
By Rachael Orbach

Lesson 1 Vowels A, E, and O

A  says AA or ah                                     Write more words with an A sound

Baa A sheep says baa. _____________________

La la we sing a Shabbat song _____________________

Ay also makes an a sound _____________________

Say   Say this word: say. _____________________

Stay.  Lets stay home. _____________________

Way    Lets walk this way. _____________________

May  May I have some tea please? _____________________

Ee  sounds

Ee makes an EE sound  

Sheep   The sheep are eating. _____________________

Sleep    I will go to sleep at 8 o clock. _____________________

E also makes a short e sound _____________________

Set  Set the table for Shabbat. _____________________

Pet   Pet the cat. _____________________

Net  Catch the fish with a net. _____________________

O  sounds

Stop  Stop the bike now! _____________________

Top  I like to play with a top on Chaunuka. _____________________

Mop  I use a mop to clean for Passover. _____________________

Chop  Chop up the nuts for the Charoset. _____________________

Draw your own word that have these sounds:

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