Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Report Task Setting

I use this in class as part of the book report Each week I give out a different task for the students to do about their book. At the end, I collect them all and have the students write an introduction,
put pictures and make a presentation in class about their book.

Book Report Setting

The setting of a story is very important.  It tells where and when the story takes place.
Sometimes the setting will be a determining factor of the story.

Read 10 pages of your book. Then answer these questions:

1. What is the setting of your book?  _______________________________________

2. If the place were different, would that change the story? _____________________

3. In what way? _______________________________________________________

4. If the year(s) were different, would that change the story? ____________________

5.In what way? ________________________________________________________

Vocabulary:  Write four  new words with their meaning in English or Hebrew.

1. __________________________________ 2.______________________________


Choose two words and use them in ONE sentence: _____________________________________________________________________

Grammar in context:   Past Simple:

1. Find five instances of the Past Simple and translate

a. ____________________________________ b._____________________________

c._____________________________________ d.____________________________


2.Write your own sentence in English using the words that you translated.  
a. _________________________________________________________________

b. _________________________________________________________________

c. _________________________________________________________________

d. _________________________________________________________________

e. _________________________________________________________________

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