Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Streets of London - A song a Day Helps You Learn English!

A song with wonderful singing and a message!


What is the old man doing?
What does yesterday's news symbolize?

What is the old gal doing?
Why doesn't she stop to talk?

What is the man in the cafe doing?
What is he thinking about?

Who is outside Seaman's mission. 
What did he do when he was younger?
Why is his memory fading?

What will we see when we walk through the streets of London?
Why are these people lonely?

What is the call to action in this song?
How does this song make you feel?

You can use this lesson plan with your English teacher, even me?

Rachael Alice Orbach- also listen to my latest song on your favorite streaming service: 

Left Hand Now!

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