Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Video a Day Helps you Learn English! Where are you? American Accent

Marsha and Anna go visit a friend's house! 
What do they find there? 

Directions for watching this video
1. Watch passively.
2. Watch, write down unfamiliar words you don't know.  Stop the video and look up the words.
3. Watch again and notice how much more you understand now.

What do Marsha and Anna think about the kitchen?
Where does Marsha cook?  
Where does Anna eat? 
Where does Marsha relax?
What is Anna doing? 
What is Anna doing in the bathroom? 
What did she do to Marsha's nose? 
What is Anna doing in the bedroom?  What does she have in the bed with her?  Why is this funny? 

Homework: Go into different rooms in your apartment or house and say what you do in them in English! 

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