Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A Video a day helps you to Learn English! Steve Jobs Speech with subtitles

Video as a learning tool is very helpful, espccially if the video has subtitles!
Personally I really don't like the Apple products now, because they are too much a BIG BUSINESS!

But when they were starting up it was very interesting to see how they developed the products and gained a big following. 

I like to recommend this video for learners of English, first because it has Big Subtitles, so that you can really see the words, and also everyone should learn about one of the pioneer IT geniuses of our times.

Why did Steve's biological parents give him up for adoption? 
What promise did they ask from the adoptive parents? 
Did Steve have a happy childhood? 
What was his favorite thing to do as a kid? 
How did he get his ideas about computers? 

Prepare these questions to speak with  your English tutor! 

I suggest that you watch this video a few times.  Maybe not all on the same day. 
1st time, just watch and enjoy.  
2nd time watch and take notes of the words that you don't understand. Stop the video and look up the word either using a program on the Internet or a (gasp) paper dictionary. 
3rd time, watch again and see how much you now understand! 

Keep track of the percent each time you understood the video! 
Good Luck!

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