Sunday, May 27, 2018

A Video a Day Helps You learn English! How Language shapes how you Think, with subtitles

I have always thought that while I am learning French about that double negative.  ne pas  Je ne pas . . . This speaks to me that French is big on being negative,  I spoke to my French speaking husband, and he didn't get it.

This leads me to this video, which has subtitles, by the way.  Language channels the way that people think and how they see the world.

What is amazing about the bush people? How do you say hello in their language? 
How would a Spanish speaker talk about a bridge?  A German speaker? You? 
What are some interesting grammar aspects of your language? 
How did learning English teach you about your own language?  

Directions for watching this video
1. Watch passively.
2. Watch, write down unfamiliar words you don't know.  Stop the video and look up the words.
3. Watch again and notice how much more you understand now.

Good Luck!
Rachael Alice Orbach

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