Sunday, January 14, 2018

MagicTree House, Midnight on the Moon, Chapter 10

Magic Tree House, Midnight on the Moon, Chapter 10 

Here is the boxed set of books Magic Tree House 5-8.  Enjoy!

Jack and Annie have arrived in Frog Creek Pennsylvania once again. 

How do the kids feel about being in Frog Creek? 
What is the weather there?  What can they hear?  What can they feel?  
Who came with them this time? 
What did Jack bring back with him from the Moon? 
Where does Morgan have to go now? Why? 
What happened when Morgan left with the Tree House? 
Where did the kids go now? 
Who does Jack think that the Moon Man was:
 Who does Annie think that the Moon Man was? 

A newspaper reporter has heard about the Magic Tree House and how Jack and Annie have gone to many different places. 

He interviews the kids and they tell him about their favorite adventure; 
You write his article for his newspaper for him. 

While you are reading this chapter, you can listen to this beautiful music: Written and produced by Rachael Alice Orbach 

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