Sunday, January 7, 2018

Magic Tree House, Midnight on the Moon, Chapter 4

Magic Tree House, Midnight on the Moon, Chapter 4

Jack and Annie step out onto the Moon.  They are amazed at what they see and how it feels.  Let's read and find out what hapWpens! 

Key Terms: 
goof off - doing something silly

What is the first thing that Jack notices when he steps on the Moon? 
What does Jack learn from the book? 
What did he see when he looked up? 
What color is the sky?  Why? 
What was Annie doing? What did she call herself? 
What did Annie do with the book?  
What happened as Jack tried to grab the book? 
Who really goofed off first? 
What did Annie find in the crater? 
What does Annie do in the moon buggy?
Who would have been a better driver? 

Homework: Describe a time that you or a character in a different book did something that was a bit crazy.  What happened?  How did it turn out? 

While you are reading the chapter, you can listen to this!

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