Sunday, January 21, 2018

Magic Tree House, Dolphins at Daybreak, chapter 2

Dolphins at Daybreak Chapter 2 

Key Terms 
Daybreak- another word for Dawn

What do the kids have to do in this series of books? Is it easy or hard for you? 

Where was the Tree House?  Why was it in that place? 

Why is the ground pink?

What is the sand here made of?  Why? 

What machine do the kids find here?  What does it do? 

What does Annie want to do?  Is it safe? 

Why do they take off their socks and shoes? 

What information do they learn from the book?

What does Annie do inside the machine?  

What does the machine do? 

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Write a descriptive essay about a beach that you have been to.  What does it look like, smell, feel.  

Here is some music to put you in the mood of being at the beach: Written and Produced by Rachael Alice Orbach 

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